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Thank you for your interest in stocking our products! 

Our collection is available to trade customers, and we are improving the ways you can order our products:

UK and Worldwide Stockists

Wholesale customers can order our products online through our partnership with Mercavus. In addition to easy ordering, we now offer the following benefits through Mercavus:

  • Net 60 days payment terms on all orders
  • Free returns on your first order
  • 50% off shipment fee for one year

Click this link to shop our collection at Mercavus. 

USA Stockists

If you are based in the USA, we've partnered with Faire to offer online wholesale ordering and Net 60 terms. Please use this link to shop our collection at Faire.  

For a limited time, you can also receive $100 credit and one year of free shipping to my line when you open your account on Faire!


Alternatively, if you prefer to order directly from our website please create an account using the link below, and then fill in the form below with your details and we will modify your account to a wholesale one, or email orders@theroomalive.com to let us know that you have created an account and we will modify it to a wholesale account.