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  • Many ways to decorate with the Stendig Calendar

    This is the best time of the year arguably! Autumn is going strong, Christmas is starting to pop up everywhere and the excitement of the holiday season starts to take over. Shopping lists, anyone? (And only arguably because I’m a summer person and live for the beach, which I know doesn’t make any sense when I live in the UK, but I blame my British husband for that!)

    One of my favourite things to do this season is to decorate! Whether it is to make the home cosier for the winter ahead, put Christmas decorations up, or prepare for the new year, I’ve been pinning non-stop for inspiration for a few weeks now.

    stendig calendar 2019 christmas gift.jpg

    Last year the shop sold out of Stendig Calendars quite early on and I ended up being a little too disorganised to get my own, we also had family arriving to stay and lots of changes taking place that I felt like the new year arrived before I could prepare for it. This time, I’m getting ready though!

    I love seeing photos of such an iconic piece fitting into so many different styles and how it is so versatile to adapt to each individual home. If you’re thinking of getting a Stendig Calendar for yourself or as a gift, the options are endless. I have put together some inspiration and I am sharing my favourite ways of decorating with the Stendig Calendar on the images below…

    *Sources are linked to each image

    With a touch of bohemian style

    With a touch of bohemian style

    The perfect monochrome scheme for the  Stendig Calendar

    The perfect monochrome scheme for the Stendig Calendar

    It brings the kitchen to life and breaks the dark wall nicely

    It brings the kitchen to life and breaks the dark wall nicely

    The perfect office accessory

    The perfect office accessory

    The industrial decor from UTRDecorating fits the Stendig Calendar style perfectly

    The industrial decor from UTRDecorating fits the Stendig Calendar style perfectly

    And who would’ve also thought it’s multi-functional? You may have noticed in a couple of the images above, past month pages rolled up and stored for something special…

    UTRDecorating shows how you can re-use each page as wrapping paper!

    UTRDecorating shows how you can re-use each page as wrapping paper!

    Isn’t this gift wrapped with a Stendig calendar page super cute? I want one of those under my Christmas tree…

  • How to fit in much needed me-time within a busy routine

    *in collaboration with David Lloyd Milton Keynes

    Do you also start the week with the best intention to hit the gym, eat healthy and then spend some time pampering yourself whether it’s a manicure, a new haircut or just some time on the sauna or reading a book?

    I do! And then reality kicks in… being a mum of two kids under four and running a business, there is just not enough hours left in the day to attend to that much needed yoga class, or a coffee and chat with friends.

    The summer was particularly busy for me in every aspect, on top of everything I had renovations at home and additional projects to prepare for. Then September arrived and if felt like the weight of the world was hanging on my shoulders. I was doing too much and spreading myself too thin. Not being able to cope with the daily demands of my business and family left me in a very emotional state.

    It was no surprise that I started having anxiety attacks. If anyone reading this has had them, you’ll know the horrible feeling of helplessness along with all the other symptoms that come with it. Hands down, the worst month I had since I can remember. September also marked two years since I was made redundant from a long-term job and found that I was pregnant with my youngest. In those two years, I haven’t had much of a break and kept pushing myself as if saying no was a failure - BIG mistake!

    I have always been quite good at going to the gym regularly and exercising, even it I could only fit in one session a week, I would do it. It didn’t happen in September though, as the demands of my business/life were too high I did not find the time to have any kind of me-time.

    It was time for a change…

    After a month away, I returned to David Lloyd in October determined to put myself first. If I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be enough help when taking care of my family and business.

    Exercising has made a whole world of difference to my mindset and energy levels, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I join Blaze classes weekly and those are amazing to get in shape and re-boot! (I added some of my IG stories snapshots below)

    If you haven’t heard of Blaze, it is a dynamic new workout combining mixed martial arts, intense cardio and strength training, it's a HIIT boutique-style class synced to up-beat, motivating dance music. Everything about the class is prepared carefully for us to have the best experience. There is loud high-energy music (a must when I work out!), mood lights and (the best part!) cold peppermint-infused towels ready for you when you finish. Those towels are always a treat after you’ve worked out hard. When you want to lose weight and shape up, the recommendation is to attend three Blaze sessions per week.

    Trust me, those 45 minutes in class fly by, so you’ll definitely be left waiting to come back for more.

    David Lloyd Milton Keynes blaze David Lloyd blaze Milton Keynes

    I used to take Pilates classes years ago (pre-kids) and I always loved them. I missed pilates! So last month I also decided to go back and now I’m asking myself why didn’t I do that sooner!? I’ll definitely be keeping that up in my weekly routine.

    David Lloyd Milton Keynes pilates

    Not just for exercising

    David Lloyd Milton Keynes lunch

    It is definitely not just for exercising though, I have found David Lloyd to be a safe place for me when I just need time out from my routine, perfect to re-energise and also to be productive.

    I have recently spent a couple of days there working. There is plenty of space to work, a quiet working zone if needed, and everything I need for the day.

    The smashed avocado from their menu always ends up being my lunch choice, it’s delicious! Plus the convenience of being already there when I want to work out. Win-win!

    Beats every coffee shop I’ve ever worked from…

    Family time

    Our Sunday morning routine is pretty much like this:

    -Get everyone ready and out the door by 8am to head over to David Lloyd (it takes a lot of organising and saying ‘let’s go we’re late’ about 20 times but it is all worth it)

    -I take a Blaze class or run for 20 minutes, followed by a Pilates class

    -In the meantime the girls stay in the play area with the Mr and plenty of snacks!

    -He then works out and I order early lunch for the girls. They normally request beans or eggs on toast, that easy…

    -We then head back home, and by the time we get back the youngest is ready for her nap, perfect timing!

    It’s our weekly ritual, we get to spend quality time with the girls, get a work out session in, and also gets them plenty of play time. My 3-year old is always asking to go to David Lloyd to play, that’s how much fun she has there!

    David Lloyd Milton Keynes blaze pilates David Lloyd family fun kids

    Now that I have realigned my priorities I feel much more in control of my life at home and business. This doesn’t mean at all that I am slowing down, it just means that I am working smarter (not harder!) and making time for the things that matter: ME TIME is finally in!

    *This post was written in collaboration with David Lloyd Milton Keynes.

  • London Design Hotels

    It will probably come as no surprise that admiring great interior design is one of my favourite things to do, give me browsing amazing interiors and home decor ideas on Pinterest over going out any evening and I’ll take it. And via Instagram I have found many other interior lovers that would probably do the same!

    I wonder though, does anyone else find themselves browsing design hotels? I find it one of the best sources of inspiration. There is something very intriguing and almost daring about design hotel interiors. They’re designed to transport you to a different place and spoil you endlessly. What’s not to love about that.

    I have recently written an article for Trivago Magazine on London Design Hotels, and my seven picks are so stunning that they must be up there with the best design hotels in Europe - not just London.

    I’ve added a sneak peak here in the pictures to follow. To find out which other design hotels in London made the cut have a read at the full article here.

    Charlotte Street London Hotel by Firmdale Hotels

    Charlotte Street London Hotel by Firmdale Hotels

    The Green Room Bar in The Curtain London Hotel

    The Green Room Bar in The Curtain London Hotel

  • Before & After: Rental property renovation

    Perhaps I've been watching too much Property Brothers, don't they just make renovating properties look so easy?! Last month we had our own fixer-upper project and it was certainly interesting. Jonathan (the renovation twin that does all the dirty work if you haven't watched the show) would be disappointed that we didn't take any walls down, but for a first reno it was challenging enough without it. Let's save demolishing walls for the next one! 

    If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that July pretty much consisted of spending any spare time planning and renovating a buy-to-let property that we recently got. I loved the challenge, though hard when you are running a business, have two young children and renovations going on in our own house too, we initially wanted to get the work done in two weeks which turned out to be a nearly impossible task when you are depending on builders and handyman during the hottest weeks of the year. So four weeks later, it was done. 

    The property is a two bedroom terraced house in Milton Keynes, and it was looking sorry for itself (I'm generous when I say that!)  when we got the keys. The renovation included installing new kitchen and bathroom and decorating throughout amongst other things that needed fixing/updating. Check out how it looked before we started the work. 


    IMG_7786.jpg IMG_7754.jpg IMG_7767.jpg before & after: bathroom

    Not only it looked tired, it was also not functional. The kitchen was old and poorly planned with layers of vinyl stuck on the floor, the living room looked very dark with brown carpet and beige walls, the stairs were unsafe with gaps between them and no banister. There was no heating, considering we are in the UK you'd freeze there in the winter! The bathroom: blue carpet... sums it all. Old carpets in the bedrooms, stains and marks throughout. In the garden, more TLC needed. 

    The reveal

    As the property is for letting, we wanted to keep it neutral enough to be appealing to anyone moving in who would want to make it their own. So there is a lot of grey and white, and it works perfectly to give the property a modern uplift and bring it into 2018. 

    With central heating installed, new flooring and decorating throughout at hand, we still had the task of planning the kitchen and bathroom renovations, the installation of the banister and the garden updating. It took many days (and nights after work from the Mr mainly) to get everything done in those four weeks, including sourcing and setting timelines of when we would need everything in. That meant picking flooring, tiles, and paint colours and designing the layout of the kitchen we sourced from (yes, it really was from there) Ebay! Which was the biggest bargain we got for this house by the way...

    Bedroom with freshl painted walls, new carpet and radiator. 

    Bedroom with freshl painted walls, new carpet and radiator. 

    The flooring in the living room was uncovered when removing the brown carpet, and all internal doors were replaced. 

    The flooring in the living room was uncovered when removing the brown carpet, and all internal doors were replaced. 

    The steps on the stairs were blocked off and a banister was installed. 

    The steps on the stairs were blocked off and a banister was installed. 

    We sourced the kitchen from Ebay from a new build so it was brand new, however it needed adapting to the space which meant units trimmed and doors adjusted. For the cost of £521.11 it was worth all of it and it meant we could get a new kitchen within our budget. The worktop was sourced separately. 

    We sourced the kitchen from Ebay from a new build so it was brand new, however it needed adapting to the space which meant units trimmed and doors adjusted. For the cost of £521.11 it was worth all of it and it meant we could get a new kitchen within our budget. The worktop was sourced separately. 

    We chose white metro tiles from B&Q to keep the kitchen bright and airy. 

    We chose white metro tiles from B&Q to keep the kitchen bright and airy. 

    New tiles, vinyl flooring, and white paint made a world of difference in the bathroom

    New tiles, vinyl flooring, and white paint made a world of difference in the bathroom

    The towel rail and copper piping finish the bathroom renovation nicely

    The towel rail and copper piping finish the bathroom renovation nicely

    buy to let renovation front door.jpg

    Aside from the delay in getting the builders and handyman in when we needed them and getting them to meet deadlines, it was a smooth project. We could've done a lot more however being a rental property we had to keep the budget low and be selective with our spending. The property is now rented and as much as we are so glad it is completed and there are no more late nights or 7am shopping trips to B&Q, I'd love to take on more renovation projects.

    For the time being though, I'm quite busy preparing mood boards for the makeover of my bedroom, play room, living room, kids bedrooms... (let's just pretend Mr Room Alive won't be reading this...) so watch this space! 



  • New Collection Launch at the Autumn Fair

    artist brush dots tag cushion pink white grey.jpg

    A few weeks ago I was so excited to find out that I will be exhibiting at the Autumn Fair this September. This month has been eventful in the best of ways - from finding out that I have been one of the selected 12 winners to win a stand at the Autumn Fair sponsored by Theo Paphitis #SBS, to designing the stand and seeing my new collection in the flesh! All sorts of 'happy-dance' were happening at The Room Alive HQ (aka my home office/studio)!

    Check the announcement on Twitter here

    There couldn't be a better opportunity to launch my new collection then at the Autumn Fair, so I got everything prepared to launch my new design a bit sooner than I anticipated: I introduce to you the Artist Brush collection. 

    Here's a preview of what's to come

    The new Artist Brush collection includes wallpaper in three different colour ways, and four different cushions in a stunning cotton linen blend. One of the things I am most proud about is that all our products are printed and made in England, by local makers and handmade wherever possible to support other small businesses. The new collection is no different. 

    The new Artist Brush Cushion in Grey and Pink

    The new Artist Brush Cushion in Grey and Pink

    I am also very excited to introduce the colours in this collection. The grey and pink in the picture above is one of my favourite combinations, and this design also comes in dark grey and blue & yellow. 

    artist brush 3 collection colour ways fabric wallpaper.jpg artist brush 2 collection colour ways fabric wallpaper.jpg

    What else is new...

    • I am also introducing a new colourway to our best-selling collection Palm Leaf Garden. Blue and pink has been one of my favourite colour combo for as long as I can remember, and I have been wanting to introduce it for a while now,  I am so glad that it will very soon be available to order in cushions and wallpaper! 
    • The grey and white colour that we already stocked on cushions will also be available on wallpaper. I can sense lots of dreamy walls being decorated in the near future!
    • For stationery lovers out there... we have a new collection launching with 10 notebooks to stock and collect, in A5 and A6 sizes. I can't wait to be able to show you those! 
    pink blue palm leaf cushion stool.jpg palm leaf garden fabric grey blue pink.jpg

    If you are a buyer/retailer and would like to visit us at the Autumn Fair, head over to stand 2F21 from the 2nd until the 5th of September at the NEC Birmingham, and get in touch with me for a VIP pass to visit as our guest. More info on the Autumn Fair can be found here

    If you'd like to shop for the new collection and products, look out for more news on Instagram, or register your interest here and you'll be one of the first to know when it's available to order (very soon!) 

  • A stylish family break in Mallorca

    Firstly let me just get the obvious out of the way... I love Mallorca. Who doesn't?! I’ve visited a few times and that is the place where I want to live one day. When it came to choosing a destination to go on our first holiday as a family of four, that’s the first place that came to mind. Plus we couldn't face a long haul flight so two and a half hours away from home it was.

    I started looking for hotels with this wish list in mind: great kids facilities for the girls, a splash pool, of course great decor, a gym, near a beach and good food. Oh and within our budget! 

    When I came accross Fergus Hotels I knew I found what we needed. It has great Scandinavian-Bohemian style with endless facilities for kids and a good selection for adults too. 

    There are Fergus hotels located around the island and also one in Ibiza (on the wish list for sure, although that will have to be a child-free holiday, adults-only hotel demands) I loved the idea and the look of the Fergus Club Europa for our holiday. Although it is a compact hotel, it is really well planned and equipped to keep kids and parents entertained and relaxed throughout. 

    It is located in Peguera which was a 30-minute cab drive from the airport. I love this side of the Island, not too far from Palma, with a great local feel to it, access to beautiful beaches and good facilities. If you like doing some local shopping whilst away, it has a great selection of small boutiques in the Boulevard selling trendy woven beach bags that you need in your life, just because you can never have too many.

    Nothing better than letting the pictures do the talking though, so here it goes: 

    fergus club europa boho chic reception.jpg fergus club europa boho chic reception 3.jpg fergus club europa reception table .jpg fergus club europa boho chic reception 2.jpg fergus club europa boho chic bedroom 3.jpg

    There are plenty of lounging areas around the hotel, indoor and outdoor, for whatever mood you are in. We went early June an had a great week weather-wise. I know we won't have the luxury of travelling whenever we want once my eldest daughter starts school next year, but this time we chose the week after half-term and it wasn't too busy but there were still plenty of younger children around for them to play with. 

    Talking of kids play time, the fantastic splash pool was a hit amongst the girls (and I admit I loved it too!)

    The splash pool was great for the girls and great for us as it was also located right next to a bar with unlimited coffees, drinks (including a different cocktail each day), and also unlimited ice cream. The dream! 


    fergus club europa kids pool 2.jpg fergus club europa kids pool.jpg

    There were other brilliant facilities for the kids, such as a games room with movies, plenty of games available and also a racing track. For the younger ones there was a kids club which was just like taking them to messy play or spending an afternoon at nursery. They loved it! 

    Fergus Club Europa desserts kids club.jpg Fergus Club Europa games room.jpg

    And the food... If you love Spanish cuisine, this is the place to be.

    The menu is varied and there are different dishes everyday with endless options, and at dinner time there is also a buffet just for kids. The Italian restaurant had a smaller selection, it was so good I could have dined there every night. 

    paella fergus club europa.jpg fergus club europa tapas dinner.jpg

    Have I even mentioned the endless dessert options yet? Oh and the wine on tap? 

    Yes, wine on tap!

    And there was endless coffee available at by the pools, bars and lounge areas, I was really spoiled the whole week...

    Fergus Club Europa desserts.jpg

    After being tempted by so much delicious stuff, I made up for it by taking a spinning class which they offer everyday. There are basic facilities at the gym and just enough to get a good holiday gym session in. I managed a few times in the week and was quite pleased with myself! There are also stretching and yoga classes in the morning if that's your thing. 


    fergus club europa lighting reception.jpg fergus club europa mel play park 3.jpg Fergus Club Europa reception.jpg fergus club europa wine on tap.jpg Fergus Club Europa toilets.jpg fergus club europa peguera beach.jpg

    We had a fantastic time in Mallorca once again, and can't wait for the next time! Have you got your next holiday planned? 

    *We paid for our holidays and received a 10% discount booking directly with the hotel. I only share places that I would recommend and return to, and we loved Fergus Club Europa - thank you for an amazing week! 






  • Home Office Inspiration & Accessories to Love

    Anyone else here browses Instagram and Pinterest endlessly for office inspiration goals and never get tired of it? Not just me then..? Great! I'm a geek when it comes to pinning and saving inspiration pics for office space. And some of my favourite ones are... 

    Lust Living spotty monochrome office, which looks lush with Olivia's choice of gold accessories and the most stunning light pendant. 

    Lust Living  spotty - gold - monochrome office of dreams

    Lust Living spotty - gold - monochrome office of dreams

    Little Big Bell also gets a top spot on my office inspiration list, the mix of bright colours and the composition she creates is so beautiful, I could work in Geraldine's office all day long! 

    Little Big Bell  - Geraldine's choice of colours and designs creates a perfect inspirational space. 

    Little Big Bell - Geraldine's choice of colours and designs creates a perfect inspirational space. 

    Once you've decided on your office style and colour scheme, it's so easy to get spoilt for choices when it comes to decorating it, there is a lot of cool stuff out there! I've put together a handy selection of stylish accessories to decorate and style your office so you can create the look that will keep you inspired.

    1. For your desk

    pink concrete holder notebook flatlay.jpg

    Accessories for your desk need not only be pretty - priority number 1 you'd say?! :) but also need to be practical and serve a purpose. 

    - Blush pink concrete candle holder doubling up here as a desk tidy for paper clips and hooks: I love how versatile this piece is, and also how unique as it adds a touch of colour with minimalist style. 

    - A5 Notebooks so you never miss an important thought or idea. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it is so handy to have notebooks to hand when you're in the middle of something when a brilliant idea just comes to mind. Get those ideas on paper as you never know what could come of it! The A5 notebooks pictures are also gold foiled so that's extra glam for your desk. 

    2. For your shelves + walls 

    Print Goals A4 4.jpg Print Girlboss A4 2.jpg

    A home office is the perfect space to use and abuse of all those motivational prints you love. I love a gallery wall in an office like Little Big Bell's choice above. Simple and to the point, they can uplift you when you're having a tough day, and keep you focused when procrastination threatens to take over. The 'Goals' and 'Girlboss' prints above are available framed in a selection of colours or unframed for you to create your own display. 

    3. To decorate your wall

    dots explosion on the wall.jpg

    To make it the most productive space in the house, the walls must be just right. If you love pattern and it inspires you, then hanging wallpaper like Just Living did in her gorgeous office above is the way to go. Looking at a beautiful pattern will make you feel good, and that's what you want from this space! 

    However if you feel that you couldn't stare at it for long though, consider wallpapering one of the other walls, as it would add depth and beauty to your home office and still make you smile every time you walk past it. 

    The wallpaper above is 'For the love of dots' , and it's available in paste the wall or self-adhesive format. 

    Once you've done all the decorating and styling, expect nothing less than to feel unstoppable. Now let's go and get ready to conquer the world, fellow girlboss! :) 

    create a life.jpg
  • Afternoon Tea + Candy Coloured Decor

    The only thing better than having a delicious afternoon tea, is having a delicious afternoon tea in the candy-coloured room of a stylish hotel. Fact. 

    I was spoiled to that last weekend. We went to the Cotswolds with Mr Room Alive's family for a long weekend, and there are two things we always do when we visit the Cotswolds: 

    1- Visit Daylesford Farm (read more about it here

    2- Treat ourselves to afternoon tea 

    Little did I know when we bought our Groupon vouchers to Bowden Hall Mercure Hotel in Gloucester... It's a hotel 4 miles away from Gloucester, tucked away on the edge of a small village.  The main thing I was looking for when booking was a place that would be dog-friendly as that would be a deal-breaker since we were travelling with Sky our dog. We were glad to hear they allowed dogs in the bar and could serve our tea there, so off we went. 

    Imagine the pleasant surprise when I walked in to find a reception room with pink walls! Followed by many more pink-coloured rooms after that one. The afternoon tea of dreams! But although the title of this post includes afternoon tea, expect to see a lot more decor than food! 

    The reception at Bowden Hall Mercure Hotel

    The reception at Bowden Hall Mercure Hotel

    The restaurant was beautifully laid out but we were happy to sit in the lounge area. It worked out really well as we had a whole lounge area to ourselves, not bad when you're a party of 8 plus two kids and a dog. It was actually great to have some space for the girls to move around without having to worry about bothering other guests. 

    The staff could not have been more lovely and helpful! They brought water for Sky, juices and toast for the girls, and plenty of drinks to keep the conversation going. Any meal out with the kids is eventful to say the least, so I actually didn't take pictures of the food... everything was delicious, although I have to say the scones really stood out... The atmosphere was very relaxed, the views of the grounds were stunning so after eating and drinking for three hours we had a walk and a play in the hotel grounds. 

    I have taken lots of pictures of the decor so I hope you enjoy scrolling down to some delicious interiors with lots of pink! 

    Bar/Lounge area

    Bar/Lounge area

    afternoon tea pink decor cotswolds pink chair.jpg afternoon tea pink decor cotswolds 4.jpg afternoon tea pink decor cotswolds pink grey blue bar.jpg afternoon tea pink decor cotswolds 1.jpg afternoon tea pink decor cotswolds 3.jpg afternoon tea pink decor cotswolds pink wall.jpg Restaurant


    Hotel Grounds

    Hotel Grounds

    *This post is not sponsored by Mercure or Groupon, we bought the vouchers ourselves, I just wanted to share the stunning interiors! 

  • Unicorn Birthday Party Tips (and a bonus Hot Dog Bar!)

    We love kids Birthday parties, that's actually how we socialise these days (my 25-year old self would've never imagined this!) and as an interiors stylist amongst many other things I really enjoy planning them!

    A few weeks ago my youngest one turned one... The year went by way too quick, there's no doubt. Since we had a special occasion to celebrate and in turn a great excuse for a party, I decided to throw her a party and no better theme than Unicorns to use when my 3 year old is obsessed with them.

    Unicorns are everywhere at the moment, there is so much inspiration out there! So my challenge was to put my own stamp on a theme that's so popular with the best mix of decorations I could find and/or make. Challenge accepted... here's what it looked like: 

    unicorn birthday party 2.jpg

    The Table Decor

    I used pink, purple and mint green as the main colours, the mint green was great to break up the pink and keep it fresh. 

    • To create the table skirt, I used strips of coloured crepe streamers cut to size and laid across the table to create this effect. It is a really affordable way to make your table stand out!
    • I then used a white table cover on top of it and started placing the sweets and favours around the table. It was fun to play around with the different heights of cake stands to create a table full of surprises. 
    • I also used props such as the house shelf, the brass letters spelling her name, and pink vases which I used to support a bouquet of marshmallows each. 
    unicorn theme party girl
    • On the cake I added tall pastel candles by Talking Tables and I love how it added even more height to the 3-tier cake.
    • The sweets placed around the table are a mix of chocolate, caramel and coconut traditional Brazilian sweets which is a must-have in any of our parties. Not only they taste delicious, they are also great to decorate any table. 
    unicorn theme birthday party
    • I also used macarons and my home-made peanut butter fudge to decorate the table, and the fudge also doubled up as favours as I placed them in Talking Tables cupcake holders and wrapped them in clear cellophane bags. I added custom-made stickers to make them even more special. 

    The Backdrop

    unicorn theme birthday party
    • I didn't want to add the typical Unicorn & Rainbows backdrop that seem to pop up a million times when you search Pinterest. Instead, I decided to create our own composition of paper garlands,  hanging fans and honeycomb decorations
    • I also used confetti balloons on either side to finish decorating the area where we placed the table. They were a big hit with the guests and also with the birthday girl! 

    Unicorn Party Boxes

    unicorn party boxes favour

    It is tricky to make party bags original, so instead of bags this time I opted for these kids lunch boxes and used the fantastic printable from Party Delights. 

    I printed and also laminated them all for a more durable finish. 

    It was time consuming to cut them and as I chose a Kraft box instead of white I gave up on cutting the eyelashes (as the white around it was too obvious!). Instead, we drew the eyelashes directly on the boxes and coloured them in with a black marker.

    Hot Dog Bar

    hot dog party bar

    What's a party without food!? The main event was a Hot Dog Bar! I'd been wanting to do one for ages so I finally nailed it. This is how I did it: 

    The Hot Dog Bar prep before the party

    The Hot Dog Bar prep before the party

    • I used a piece of chalk fabric cut to size to use as a base for the bar, it works perfectly as you can place whatever you want on top of It and write as much or as little as you want. All you need is a chalk pen and this one was really easy to use. 
    • The pots for the toppings and the chalk board/frame are from Ikea. I spray painted the frame to use as a chalk board for parties, and it comes in so handy! 


    I hope you like our Unicorn party + Hot Dog Bar! Are you planning a party at the moment? I'd love to know about it, drop a comment below! 

    *This post is not sponsored - I just wanted to share how I decorated it and help another mama throw a cute birthday party! It contains affiliate links for some of the items used.

  • New: Personalised Toy Storage Crate on Wheels

    One of the things that come with growing families, is the growing amount of toys that seem to add up and pile up in every corner you look at. Play rooms become ever more popular, with endless amounts of Ikea Kallax units and their cubes that house unlimited toys and their never ending amount of little parts that are incredibly talented at getting lost. 

    What if there was a more stylish solution? 

    There is! We have created a range of personalised toy storage crates which are fun, modern and will also be a good fit for any room as they won't clash with your decor. 

    Toy storage crate on wheels: Very Important Toys

    Toy storage crate on wheels: Very Important Toys

    Our personalised plywood crates are handmade and we pay attention to every detail. They are a generous size to allow even large toys to be hidden. Measuring 45cm wide by 35cm deep by 40.5cm tall including the white plastic wheels, it will transform your where-did-all-these-toys-come-from moments into an easy task to tidy them up and put them away. 

    The personalised toy storage crates are available in three designs: the Monochrome Very Important Toys, the Dots and the Beach Hut: 

    Beach Hut Personalised Toy storage wooden crate on wheels in blue

    Beach Hut Personalised Toy storage wooden crate on wheels in blue

    Beach Hut Personalised Toy Storage wooden crate on wheels in pink

    Beach Hut Personalised Toy Storage wooden crate on wheels in pink

    The Beach Hut design is available in six different colours: yellow, green, pink, blue, peach and grey. 

    toy storage crate dots girls 8.jpg wooden toy storage crate dots boys 3.jpg

    The Dots design is a modern take on Scandinavian + pattern with a monochrome finish where the text can be personalised in blue or pink.

    Apart from the cute designs to fit every room theme, they are easy to move anywhere with four plastic white wheels which will move in any direction you take them. All to make moving those toys that much easier...

    Personalised toy storage crate on wheels 

    Personalised toy storage crate on wheels 

    Do you like them? You can have a look at our full collection on our online shop or on our NOTHS shop

    Let us know what you think and if you would like to see any other designs or sizes! 



  • How to Upcycle with Wallpaper - Inspiration

    I love a good wallpaper! Not just on walls though, pretty much everywhere. I have written before about creative ways that you can use wallpaper around your home (here and here), but this time I want to share my favourite furniture makeovers using, yes you guessed, a good old wallpaper roll! 

    I am a big believer in mixing old and new when it comes to home decor, and up cycling old pieces of furniture to fit in a newly decorated room adds all the special touches you need, especially when they hold a special meaning to you. 

    Plus... if like me, you get tired of your decor or want to innovate and try new things pretty much every six months (yeah, sorry Mr Room Alive!), using wallpaper is a cost effective and sensible way of doing it. 

    So let's get to it, I've selected three furniture makeovers which you leave you dying to try them at home. Take these for inspiration! 

    Tropical Nightstand


    I love this quick and easy nightstand makeover from A Beautiful Mess! The white and gold accents are so fresh, plus with a simple change by replacing the new with new brass ones, it doesn't even look like the same piece. That's the sign of a good makeover!  

    Boho Glam Wallpaper Drawers


    Can you believe that this is the FOURTH makeover Kimberly at Swoon Worthy has given this cheap pine chest of drawers?! It's certainly held up to her efforts and now looks quite the showstopper! I love love love the chest of drawers she created. 

    A Modern Take on a Wardrobe

    wardrobe update Clare Elise interiors

    Isn't this bedroom from Clare Elise Interiors absolutely dreamy? I love the muted tones and how she adds pattern by cleverly using wallpaper to update the wardrobe. 

    Origami Wallpaper Shade


    Ok this is not quite a furniture makeover, but just look at this lampshade! You could literally change it every season with a new wallpaper design... This fabulous lampshade comes complete with tutorial over on Apartment Apothecary! 


    What would you makeover with a simple strip of paper? Would you like to be able to buy wallpaper by the metre? We are working on something really exciting so watch this space... For the time being you can check out our exclusive designs for some inspiration! 

  • Five things I love about David Lloyd


    When I mention that I go to David Lloyd in person or on social media, I often get asked how it is and whether it is worth joining... The prices are not necessarily the cheapest when you compare to other gyms and health clubs, however I don't think that would be a fair comparison as David Lloyd is much more than that. It's a lifestyle club that also has a gym and much, but so much more to offer. 

    A few months ago we very lucky to be offered a family membership at David Lloyd Milton Keynes, so we started discovering everything that they had to offer, you can have a look at our first impressions here and here

    As an answer to whether it is worth it, I thought I'd list here the five things I love most about DL!

    1. Fun for the whole family

    This is kind of the obvious one, but it is so true and the main reason why I love it! Having two young daughters, a business, a dog and everything else that comes with decorating and maintaining a family home, 'busy' is an understatement and the moments we get to spend together are far and few between, so they are treasured! 

    When we go to DL at the weekends or evenings, we know it's guaranteed fun family time. The play area with a soft play frame is great to entertain the little ones while one of us are working out. And then there's the swimming pool which is the highlight for my 3-year-old, and even my 10-month old baby has a blast. Guaranteed naps afterwards are a bonus...

    David Lloyd swimming Milton keynes.JPG

    2- Space to work 

    I have spent many working days at DL when I just needed a quiet place or a change of scenery to focus. With their awesome facilities it was a no brainer. And even better with their delicious menu and coffee available from the bar only a few steps away. 

    David Lloyd coffee.JPG

    3- The classes & the gym

    Of course this list had to include the fitness side of it. I used to be really active, but with everything that I have going on at the moment, if I can work out twice a week I feel lucky!

    So I have been making the most of the classes available at David Lloyd. Their app makes it super easy to book them, as you can save your favourites and then book your classes up to 10 days in advance. The options are endless, although my favourite ones are pilates, group cycling and body balance. And there are classes for the little ones as well... 

    David Lloyd timetable.JPG David Lloyd app timetable

    Their Cardio equipment in the gym with individual screens have always been a hit for me! They are currently renovating their gym area which will be re-opening on the 22nd of March in what promises to be a 'state of the art' gym. I seriously cannot wait to see it! In the meantime, there are temporary facilities for the CV and weight training addicts so no one is let down.  

    FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_4312.JPG

    4- The crèche

    There is childcare on site. How genius is that?

    And the facilities are really well equipped with an experienced team to cater for children of 4 months up to 5 years old. You can book an hour at a time which is just what you need for a workout or a class, or even a quick meeting or a trip to their hairdressers just upstairs (see what I mean about lifestyle? You can literally get everything done there!)  

    5- The social aspect

    There isn't much of a social life going in in this household... when you're working at every spare minute during the day and after the kids go to bed, the next thing you think about is always sleep (how little will I sleep, how long until the next little person wakes up, how soon can I get to sleep and so on).  

    We barely go out and choose takeaways instead most of the time, so our social life was reduced to catching up with friends at birthday parties. DL has allowed us the place and time to see more of our friends. As some were existing members and others joined after we did, it is so easy to arrange to meet for a coffee and play time for the girls at the weekends.  It is also the best option since there is no bad weather once you're in there! No more trying to find where to go on a rainy Sunday! 

    David Lloyd Milton keynes.JPG


    So my answer is a big fat YES, it is worth it if you are looking for a place that can provide you with all of the above and more. I haven't even mentioned the tennis facilities and many others simply because we don't have time to use them all, but what we do use is fantastic.

    These six months of membership have been the best gift we could have had last October, and after this trial would I continue to be a member? I guess you already know the answer - of course I would and I think we just might have to... 

    *A big thanks to David Lloyd for this great opportunity to experience the club for six months. As always my opinions are my own and I only recommend things and activities that I would do myself.